6 Mitzvahs, 7 Weeks
Constant Benefits

7. Turning pitfalls into pit stops

Help! I’m Stuck!

Feeling stuck? Can’t figure out what you’re passionate about in life? Don’t worry, it may not come all at once. For some people, self knowledge evolves over time. You may not have come in contact with your purpose yet, but now you’re on the road to finding it. Try taking a class or reading a book about something that you’ve always been curious about but never done. Think back to what you loved doing when you were a child. What happened to that passion? What fears, doubts, or insecurities are holding you back?

Some people may have to fight family programming to find their life purpose. An artist who was born into a family of business oriented people, may have a hard time allowing themselves to get in touch with their creative side. It may have been stifled from a lifetime of family and social pressures. Others may discover that they have spent decades pursuing a career that they hate.

Don’t do anything rash! 

The essential thing is that you take it slowly and enjoy the journey. Every inch of self knowledge brings you closer and closer to your goal. Given a little thought and time you will begin to get clarity on why you were created and what you and only you can offer the world. As the Arizal taught us, throughout all of history, there never was and never will be anyone like you. 

Now start living!

Thank you for joining us on this journey to find your life’s purpose. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. To continue learning about who you are and why you’re here, please click here 

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