6 Mitzvahs, 7 Weeks
Constant Benefits

5. The Pleasure Principle

Discovering your Purpose Detector

Discovering your life purpose is the secret to a life of energy, fulfillment, and joy. Now let’s learn some practical tools to help us begin discovering our unique purpose.

Each of us are already endowed with an internal purpose detector that lets us know when we have found it. What is this detector? Pleasure. Pleasure is a tool that Hashem has created to alert us to the fact that we are nearing our life’s purpose. 

It obviously doesn’t mean any pleasure. Everyone enjoys sunsets, music, good food, and beauty, as well as milestone events such as weddings, births, and graduations. The pleasures we’re talking about are experiences where you felt uniquely connected.  

Think about your life: what were the most pleasurable and meaningful moments when you felt that you were touching your life’s purpose. The key is to look for moment when you felt inspired, alive, confident and content. Was there ever a time in your life when you were so into what you were doing that a little voice went off in your head that said, “I was made for this - I could do this all day”? Do you have a cause or a passion that you feel that you could devote your entire life to?

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