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5. Yeud - Expressing Your Neshama

Let your light shine!

As we explained, we all have a positive thing to contribute to the world - a yeud or destiny - as well as a negative trait or challenge we have to overcome - a tikun

Let’s start by defining yeud - the unique way that you are meant to reveal your soul and G-d in the world. Each of us have something special to bring to the world that only we can share that will make the world a better place. 

It’s different for everyone. Your yeud can be 1) a form of creative expression like art, music, or craftsmanship; 2) fulfilling or encouraging others to fulfill a certain mitzvah like tzedakah, caring for disabled children, or running a loshon harah campaign; 3) mastering and/or disseminating a type of knowledge like Torah learning in general, a particular book or sefer, or even general knowledge such as the wonders of science or history; or 4) perfecting or inspiring others about a certain character trait or midah like kindness, joy, enthusiasm, or patience.

Let’s bring a few examples to clarify this: 

1. Creative Expression - As a teenager, Batya was a serious guitarist and songwriter. After getting married, however, she put her musical talents aside in order to become the breadwinner, homemaker, cook, and mother. After searching for her purpose, she uncovered her guitar and started playing and writing songs again. Suddenly she had more energy for her family and job. She realized that in addition to being a great mother and wife, her purpose was to inspire other women through sharing her music. 

2. Mitzvah - Rabbi Shai Markowitz once heard a song about the Sheish Mitzvos Temidios – the Six Constant Mitzvos. Having never heard about them before, he was surprised to learn that the Six Constant Mitzvos are sourced in the first page of the Mishnah Berurah, based on the words of the Sefer HaChinuch. As he delved more into the topic, he was amazed to learn that these six mitzvos are obligatory on all Jews at all times – men and women 24/7 - and they form the bedrock of our Jewish outlook on life and are the tools to help us develop a meaningful relationship with Hashem – constantly. With this new found knowledge, Rabbi Markowitz was spurred to devote his life to teaching these mitzvos worldwide, resulting in the book The Six Constant Mitzvos (Artscroll/Mesorah) and the Shivisi organization which is committed to helping others live with Hashem constantly.

3. Torah - Rabbi Dovid Hofstedter – the founder of Dirshu - was bothered by the fact that despite the great increase in Torah learning in our generation, not enough was being done to encourage people to review – and know – their Torah. He felt that this was his own personal mission and he began devoting his tzedakah money to encourage bachurim, avreichim, and balei batim to review their learning. Since he founded Dirshu 15 years ago, over 100,000 Jews have participated in one of their 23 different Torah learning programs worldwide! 

4. Character Trait - Mrs. Schwartz always enjoyed making people happy but when she realized that that was actually her purpose in life she made it her mission to find creative ways to spread joy to others wherever she finds herself - on line in the supermarket, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, and of course in her home and community.

So whether your mission is philanthropic, scholarly, or personal bringing your special message to the world will infuse your life with meaning and inspiration and make the world a better place.

Before we start learning about our own unique yeud, let’s first take a look at the flip side and see what our negative life’s purpose or tikun entails.

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin is the founder and director of Machon Ha’adam Hashalem – a personal development Torah network which helps thousands of people around the world to fulfill their potential. To find out more visit: www.newchabura.com

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Defining Our Purpose

After much anticipation we’re finally ready to begin defining your life purpose. The first thing we have to do is note that this breaks down into two different categories: our global purpose and our individual purpose.

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The Secret of Success

Depressed people often have a very hard time getting up in the morning. Why is that? Ask any depressed person and they will most likely tell you that they have no reason to get up.

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Redefining Kiruv

Finding your life's purpose can be compared to the mitzvah of hashaves aveida - returning a lost object. Everyone knows that it's a tremendous mitzvah to return a lost object to its owner; how much more so, to return a lost soul to its owner!

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Everyone Has a Unique Purpose

Who says you're special? Last time we learned that one of the main expressions of gulus is when people are in exile from themselves. One of the main aspects of the teshuva process is to reconnect to our true selves - as it says: v'hasheiva el levavec

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The True Meaning of Galus

2000 years of exile - who cares? As we enter into the Nine Days, let's take a moment to understand exactly what gulus - exile - has to do with our own lives.


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