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Just Say NO (6 of The Six Constant Mitzvos)

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By now we have become deeply involved in understanding the Shaish Mitzvos Temidios, the Six Constant Mitzvos. And we are also understanding that these mitzvos are necessary for a person in order to be effective in every aspect of his or her life. Whether we are talking about the ruchniyus life which is absolutely vital that is why Hakadosh Boruch Hu probably created these mitzvos  or even in our physicial lives we can show how these concepts can help make us more successful and more effective  in every undertaking.

We are up the sixth mitvos the final mitzvah of Vlo Sosuru Acharei Livavchem Vacharei Eyneichem Asher Atem Zonim Achareihem.  Vlo Sosuru, Explore not, after the base passions and desires of the heart, after the base passions and desires of the eyes which is something that we are chasing all the time.  Now you will notice that this is only one of two negative commandments that are involved in  the Shais Mitzvos Temidios. And it is not easy to have a Lo Sasay as a Temidi, why? As we said in the beginning the mitzvoh of not eating Chazer you are not drawing down reward 365, 24/7 only when chaszer is present before you and you have the desire to eat it. In this case here it is a negative and  it is a constant. So how does it become a constant? So it has to be that there are certain midos,  there are certain challenges that are always extant, that always exist in our lives, and that these are a constant challenge that we are supposed to overcome all the time. 

What are they?  The base passion of the desire of the heart. That is what we call atheism. Not only to deny the existence of G-D, but on some level that I AM G-D. Every one of us has this tremendous urge - your are ready, for power and greed. It sometimes surprises me when I find that there are people out there, who are  wonderful people, I go to yeshivos and schools throughout the United States of America, and I meet wonderful Jewish children who are involved in great things, in  shemiras haloshon contests and all kinds of wonderful, wonderful extracurricular activities. And then I find out that sometimes it happens that there is a group of kids who have decided to form a click and they have exclude from the click any kid that is not cool enough. And what happens  sometimes to that child, is that child will  be scarred for the rest of his or her life. Because they felt this rejection and they will not get over it without a whole lot of therapy and hopefully other measures in their lives.

I say to myself how can the same kid who is so careful with Loshon Hora do something like that, shatter another child? And the answer is that power makes you drunk and when you are junk you don’t notice the collateral damage. Many people say that people who are drunk cant drive, and this is patently false. It is just wrong. People who are drunk in fact drive all the time they just do so very poorly. They are not noticing the mirror that they are clipping and the stop signs that they are taking down, because when you are drunk you don’t notice the collateral damage. 

Recognize that we have this yetzer hora for power and greed we have this yetzer hora to place ourselves first and it has to be curbed. You know when? All the time.  Acharei eyneichem. That refers to things we should not be looking at and relationships that we should stay away from. Forbidden relationships. There is a constant force out there that propels us towards these things. People have to understand that when it comes to certain  aveiros, like these types of averios you have to say NO. Just say NO. To the extant that we feed it just a little bit, Vlo Sosuru, that we just explore after a  little bit, before you know it, it consumes you and you are unable to stop it. 

These two aveiros are kind of  like getting on a roller coaster. When you get on that roller coaster car, as it is travelling up you can stop it at any point that you want. Even as it breaks over the top you can still stop it but once it starts its wild ride down, all the brakes in the world are not going to stop it. The best that you can hope for is that it is going to derail and crash, but you cant stop it anymore. The same with these two aveiros, when you take these two aveiros together, they are such a powerful force says Hakadosh Boruch Hu, I know that you cant control it. 

Do these desires have a good purpose? Absolutely. We should be ambitious appropriately, and we should Im Yertzah Hashem want to create families, which is fantastic. But these forces are so powerful that  if left unchecked,  if not that we are going to watch these mitzvos on a regular basis constantly, they can consume us completely and before you know it we burn and crash. How many executives have we heard of who have allowed their companies to go crashing down because of an illegitimate relationship. How many families have come crashing down because of that.

How many people have sold other people down the river because of their own power and greed? This happens all the time. It is the most destructive force in our society. Presidents have fallen from it. Leaders of countries have fallen from it. Giant corporations have collapsed because of it. We have to understand  and recognize that these are forces are so powerful that Hakadosh Boruch Hu has to tell us, Vlo Sosuru, - Just say NO.

Many steps that we implement so that we don’t get to this type of abyss. Very very careful not to say me first ever in life. But we always try to be mechabed the other person first. All in an attempt to make sure that we never cross those lines. Because crossing those lines is an absolute disaster. This is a negative mitzvah. Do not explore after the base passions of the heart which is power and greed. The base passions of the eyes which has to do with immorality. Asher atem zonim achareihem. The torah is telling us these forces always exist, keep them in check all the time and well you do you will really rid of the nonsense and you can go out and have a spectacular life.



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