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We are in the midst of appreciating the Shaish Mitzvos Temidios, understanding how we can use each of the Six Constant Mitzvos to do better in our lives from a spiritual standpoint and even from a physical standpoint.  How I can use Hashems’s 6 point plan for greater success in my life.

So we are up to mitzvah number 5. Now the last mitzvah was mitzvah #4 which was Ahavas Hashem to love Hakadosh Boruch Hu and that was really really powerful and very very positive. If you haven’t heard it yet go back and listen to that one. Because you really need that one to understand this one. Because mitzvah #5 is Yiras Hashem. Please don’t leave the room, don’t turn of the machine. We  WILL cope with this and it is going to be ok.

What is the mitzvah of Yiras Hashem. So many people say fear of G-D? Fear of G-D is disempowering, Ahavas Hashem was empowering, but fear of G-D is disempowering, what am I supposed to do? Sit underneath the table and cower before G-D all the time?  Relax. That is not what it is. Every one of us understands that fear can be extremely liberating and extremely powerful if you really really understand it.

In fact there is a terrible disease that ravages humankind. It is called alcoholism. It is an always fatal disease if it lasts long enough. The alcoholic really has two choices in life. The choice is whether or not to develop a very health fear of the disease and make sure he shuts out alcohol from his life completely, or to chose to have alcohol around all the time and then the only challenge he has is whether he takes the first drink because after he takes the first drink he no longer has bechira.  The smart alcoholic takes that bottle, puts it in a safe, locks it up, looses the combination. Takes the safe and surrounds it with a heavy chain with \a big padlock on it. Takes the safe, the chain the lock and the  padlock  puts it in the sub basement of a basement of a house on the side of the street that he never walks again for the rest of his life and then he can achieve the same as anyone else. But if you keep the nonsense around all the time in your life what is going to happen is eventually you are going to cave in and fall. Why keep the nonsense around in your life.

If you are going to be an athlete, if you are going to be a jogger, if you are going to be a runner, if you are going to be a champion athlete in any manner, way, shape or form you probably should not be eating a lot of bad foods. So imagine if someone is training for a tri-athelon and his freezer is stocked with ice cream and his pantry with cakes. I mean what do you expect? If someone is really serious about being a champion then what you do is you get the nonsense out of your life. You go to a very Spartan cabin somewhere in the woods and that is where you train that is where you can do what you need to do without any of the nonsense interfering in your life.

It is the same thing in our own lives. Yiras Hashem is what do you really want in life.? Don’t you really want to have a relationship with Hakadosh Boruch Hu? Aren’t we all searching for that Ahavas Hashem? But what can get in the way? What can get in the way is the things Hashem said not to do. If we keep those Nisyonos around us all the time and we are not taking steps to limit them in any way. Then at some point we loose the relationship chas vsholom. Every one of us has to recognize the weaknesses that we possess. Understand them well, develop a healthy sense of fear of those weaknesses and then put in to place what we need to put into place to make sure that they do not take us away from the prize in life, which is the relationship with Hakadosh Boruch Hu. Every single one of us has that obligation and it is constant. What does it mean to be constant?

I am going to give you a moshol using a car. A car has a gas pedal and the gas pedal of your car, when you press the gas pedal it gives you tremendous energy. It  gives you a tremendous amount of energy. You open the window and you put the pedal to the metal as they say and the wind is blowing through your hair, it is absolutely amazing. It is a tremendous amount of energy

But there is another part of your car which is at least as important if not more important called the brakes. If you didn’t have breaks in your car then when you hit the pedal and you went, you would be going and going and going, perhaps right into someone else’s living room or even your own. So therefore what is very important is to have the gas pedal, the Ahavas Hashem, get energized, but at the same time you have to balance it with the brakes , the brakes are Yiras Hashem. Theses are twin mitzvos that must be exercised all the time together so they have to work absolutely together.

When is the  time to figure out that you need brakes? When do you first step on the brake when you get into a car. So most of the people will say when you get to a stop sign and that is not correct. Most cars today, in order to put it into gear you have to step on the brake. Why? Because the time to find out that your brakes are deficient is before you leave your house. If at that point the brake pedal travels all the way down into the ground, you are not going anywhere today. You make sure you bring your car into the shop.

The wrong time to find out that your brakes are not working, is when you are going downhill at 90 miles an hour and there is an 18 wheeler stopped right in front of you.

That is the time you don’t want to know that your brakes are not working. So what we do is we are constantly testing our brakes. Get into your car, put it into gear, step on the brakes, as you pull out of the spot your foot is on the breaks as you come to your first stop sign/ a red  light your foots on the brake. If during any of those times you recognize the breaks are inefficient or they are just not working at all you take the car into the shop.

The same thing with us. Yes you begin with Ahava.  Ahava comes first it is #4, Yirah is #5 so you wake up in the morning Modeh Ani Lifanecha, Melech Chay Vkayum. Beautiful, I am alive, I got hands I got feet, count your blessings. Right away you counter with Rashis Chochmo Yiras Hashem we relate immediately to our Yirah. Because Ahava without Yirah is not really effective and Yirah without Ahava certainly is not effective at all. We must have both in good working order all the time. Test them regularly, pay  attention to them, make sure that you get your brakes serviced all the time. How do you get your Yirah serviced all the time? Every day a little bit of Musar, a little Pirkei Avos. Something, but you have to pay attention to it. Because if we ignore the brakes or if we ignore the Ahava you cannot have an effective life. Ahava and Yirah together gets you to where you want to go in life.




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