6 Mitzvahs, 7 Weeks
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So we are in middle of explaining the Sheish Mitzvos Temidios and what we are doing is we are looking at each mitzva with a eye towards, to see how I can use this mitzvah to be as successful as I can be in my own life.

With that we are going to look at the 3rd mitzvah which is the mitzvah of Yichudo, Yichud Hashem the oneness or unity of G-D.

Now it sounds like we have been repeating ourselves. The first mitzvah is Leida ulhaamin sheyaish shum Elokah –to know that there is a G-D. Which G-d, Hakodosh Boruch Hu, monotheistic G-D that’s One. The second mitzvah was Ein Zulaso there is no power outside of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, there’s One again. And now we are up to again Yichud Hasham?  So again we are not giving you the be all or end all of any of these mitzvos, all we are going to do is look for an insight that we can nosh on and use right away so that we can draw down reward right away for each of the mitzvos.

We live in a society where there is something that is very very big that exists all around us and I call it the Fudge Factor. When you lie to someone you are trying to fool them, but when you use the fudge factor, you are fooling yourself.  Very often we make excuses in life, that are excuses for other people but primarily excuses for ourselves.  Very often in life where we are obligated to perform something and we don’t perform we blame it on other things.

Imagine you hire someone to work in your business and you tell him 95% of you job performance is based upon whether or not you show up on time.  He says “Great, No problem, understood” The first day he is there at a quarter to 9. He is supposed to come at nine o’clock, he comes at a quarter to nine. That’s what you like, you say terrific you give him a pat on the back.  The next day he shows up a 9:05. you say ‘what happened?’ He says, ‘never happen again I gotta tell you the truth the train was late I was on the train,  I   left earlier today then I left yesterday and guess what there was a delay on the train there was nothing I can do about it’. So you tell him, ‘you know listen, 95% of your job performance you know depends upon your coming on time, tomorrow you really better be on time’.  Tomorrow he walks in at 9:45, you say ‘What Happened?’. He says ‘my dog ran off with my shoes, I cant come in barefoot, I had to wait till the shoe store opened up so I should be able to wear shoes and come in and look like a decent human being’. You say ’listen pal you have the greatest excuses in the world but tomorrow you gotta be on time’.  Tomorrow he shows up at 10:30.  You say ‘What Happened’. He says ‘I got into a fight with my wife, before you know it my mother in law came over to the house and she wouldn’t let me out of the house, what was I supposed to do?’ You tell him ‘You know you are a great guy, fantastic excuses, you are Fired’.  Otherwise he could bleed the company dry. If 95% of the job depends on that,  you are not doing him any favor by maintaining him.

In our own lives we tend to make excuses we tend to make excuses all the time. In fact rules will apply differently at different times of the year. How do we dress in the winter, and how might we dress in the summer? What is acceptable entertainment for ourselves when we are at home with our families? And what is acceptable entertainment  when we go out on vacation? What is acceptable in terms of morality on money when it comes to borrowing 25 cents from another Yid and then what happens come April 15? There is one Hakodosh Boruch Hu in all time zones, in all seasons and at every point in the year. And therefore we have to recognize what is my bottom line of Avodas Hashem. What is it that I am going to never ever transgress. Make your rules and stick to it. You can do the same in your business. What is your work ethic like and stick to that bottom line in your work ethic. Whatever you are going to do, what are my relationships like. Beyond which point I am not going to allow this relationship to degenerate. What is going to get my attention.

Every one of us, we have to have clear lines marked in the sand that we Never Ever cross. Hakodosh Boruch Hu is the same in all times and in all seasons. Figure out what is the Retzon Hashem and stick to it. If we don’t do that we can run very far afield of what we really really want in life. 

I want to tell you about the Germans during World War II. During World War II the Germans had a very strict series of human rights laws on their books.  They said you could not perform any kind of genocide on anybody. Certainly the freedoms that they had enacted certainly included that, and yet they killed Six Million men, women and children who were Jewish for no other reason then they were Jewish. An in the process did not violate a Single one of their laws!  Do you know how they did that?  Because they passed another law that said the Jews were subhuman, and therefore there was no problem. You see how far afield we can run when we play the Fudge Factor?

Its incredibly important to recognize, what is your morality, what are your standards, what does Hakodosh Boruch Hu want and recognize Hakadosh Boruch Hu doesn’t take vacations, doesn’t live in a particular zip code and doesn’t act one way this time of year and another way another time of the year. 

Yichud Hashem, the oneness or unity of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, same rules apply all the time.


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