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When we have a constant commandment not to do something that means we have a constant temptation to do it. You’ve heard about “Don’t murder,” right? It’s one of the Ten Commandmants, but it’s not a constant. Why’s it not a constant? Because who am I going to murder? Why should I murder anybody? By not murdering anyone this minute you’re not fulfilling anything. You’re not listening to the Almighty. You just don’t feel like murdering anyone at this moment. When somebody really aggravates and you really want to kill him and you say “Oh, wait, the Almighty says don’t murder,” then you’re fulfilling the commandment.

So when there’s a constant commandment “Don’t turn after your desire,” it means that there’s a constant, constant, constant pull to this. Do you know what the constant pull is? When you say, “I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to take out the garbage. I don’t want to study. I don’t want to change. I don’t want to…etc.” Who cares what you want? Is it the right thing to do? You know you should do the right thing whether you want it or not – that’s what you should want! You should want to be close to the ultimate pleasure. Your transgression is that you’re forgetting everything.

Whenever you say, “Okay, okay, I want to. I want to learn about happiness, I want to learn how to love God, I want to…I just don’t feel like it right now.” That’s after your desire. That’s a constant. We are always influenced by what we feel like doing and by what we think we want to do. You have to prevent yourself from ‘turning away’ from your real purpose which is to perfect yourself, which is to be great, which is to have first class pleasure. Don’t turn away from that! Keep your goal in mind. There’s always a pull this way—“I don’t want to, I don’t feel like it”--you have to fight it constantly. Whenever you fight it and do what’s right and do what’s good even though you don’t feel like it, and even though you don’t want to, you’re fulfilling a commandment. You weren’t seduced by that infamous bodily desire.


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