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The last principle is “Lo Sasuru Acharie Levavchem VeAcharie Einechem” You shouldn’t stray after your heart and eyes.

What does that mean?  Are we not supposed to have feelings?  Isn’t it our heart that brings us to love Arent we supposed to be excited, passionate and motivated in life?  Doesn’t that comes from our heart?  Are we not supposed to want things?  Don’t our eyes navigate us through life?  How are we supposed to know where to go?  What to strive for?  What does not straying after our hearts and eyes really mean?

Let me tell you a story: A few months ago, I was on diet.  I was trying to eat healthier, exercise, and fighting off the middle aged, ever-present gut.

I went to the office one day, and it was the birthday of one of my colleagues.  So everyone is sitting around eating brownies and I walk in all good.  The brownies are not kosher so I’m not tempted.  Before I can politely duck out, my friend says “Charlie, I know you are kosher and on a diet so I bought you a box of low fat kosher cookies so you can join us. Great…. How could I not have one cookie?  They bought it just for me and it’s a celebration after all.  As I finished my first, I thought to myself “It tastes really good, and it’s low in fat? These must be good for my diet.  One more…

So we’re sitting around enjoying ourselves (I must be up to cookie 15) when another colleague sits down.  He was one of those guys that eat everything in sight but never gain a pound.  You know those people.  They think “being on diet” is not getting the extra cheese on their third slice of pizza, or passing on doubles for desert.  He comes in, sits down and says,Hey, what’s going on?  Oh, happy birthday!  Can you pass over a few of those brownies Any whipped cream or ice cream around?”  He looks up, sees me, and says,  “Oh, nice… kosher, low fat cookies for Charlie .  Back on your health kick?”

I smiled, knowing better.  My cookies were just as good and I was helping my body by consuming a dozen of my healthy treats.  I said “Yeah, I’m eating healthy”, feeling very proud.
What does he do?   The unthinkable.  He flips over to the box and looks at …. Yup…the label.

I’m like, “What are you doing?  Don’t do that.  Don’t read the label to me. 

He’s looking at me like I had horns.Why?”  

“Listen…I’m enjoying myself. Don’t ruin it for me”. 

He says “Have it your way, reads the label and murmurs to himself, “10 serving for one cookie?   Well if you multiply that by this and that…..”

He looks up and says, I don’t get it.  Why would you not want to know what’s in there If it’s not healthy for you, you’re just going to have to pay for it later.  If it is healthy for you, then you can really enjoy yourself now.

Don’t you hate when people bring logic and common sense into life?

He then said something so profound He said his father always taught him that whenever he wants something,  he must always make sure he didn’t shut off his brain in the process of getting it.  Before he indulged, he needed to make sure that his mind was in control, not just his desires.

What does it mean to not stray after your heart and eyes?  It doesn’t mean shut down your heart and eyes and live emotionless and in seclusion.  It means that the way life works is that our eyes sees things and our heart wants them.  However, sometimes it’s bad for us. It’s harmful.  If we let our eyes and heart lead the way, we are going to end up in places we never really wanted to be.  We have to make sure our mind is leading the way.

Why is this the last principle of awareness?   Because making sure our mind is in control is what will lead us to God.  If you think about it, who wouldn’t want to have a relationship with The Creator of the Universe?  What could be more meaningful than living a life filled with purpose?  We all know that.   And we all feel that during moments of inspiration. 

But the same heart and eyes that lead us to God, leads us to so many other places, depending upon the moment.  And that’s why the last principle comes to make sure we are following the right leader.  If our minds control our senses, we will have the life that we want. 

And so, the last principle is making sure you know who’s in control - your mind. Not straying after your heart and eyes means - your eyes and heart work for your mind, not vice-versa. 


The six principles teach us how to have a relationship with God.

  1. 1.First Anochi know He exists.
  2. 2.Number two: Lo Yihyeh – focus on the relationship,  not you.
  3. 3.Number three: Yichud Hashem – understand who it is that you are having a relationship with.  He is everywhere and involved in everything.
  4. 4.Number four: Ahavas Hashem – make a choice to commit - Na’aseh - and love will follow.
  5. 5.Number five: Yiras Hashem – A respect for the system is what we all need, to be great.
  6. 6.Number six: Lo Sa’suro – Make sure that your mind is in control.

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