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Video: "The Power Of Fear" R' Noach Weinberg zt'l on The Six Constant Mitzvos

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There’s a commandment that people don’t really like to hear about. Don’t worry, you just have to be scared, you have to be afraid, you have to be in a perpetual state of “Whoa!” of the Almighty. What do you mean be afraid of the Almighty? He’s our Father in heaven. Yeah, but did you ever do something bad when you were a kid and you knew your father was going to come home? You knew he loved you, right? But you knew he was going to straighten you out. And you were afraid. So People don’t like that idea.

So let me tell you my friends. You’ve paid big money to be scared out of your wits. You don’t remember? Did you ever see Jaws? When I was a kid it was Frankenstein. Boy we went there five times as kids, we kept going back. There are horror movies today, right? They make a lot of money scaring the life out of people. What do you want to be scared for? Do you remember going on a roller coaster? You notice when you get off the roller coaster everybody is giggling. You follow them, one block, two blocks, three blocks, by the fifth block they’re the same morose people that got on the ride. What happened? You see when you’re scared out of your wits you realize that life is beautiful. You forget all the nonsense. Life is beautiful. The Almighty gave it to us. And if you realize that people are dying all over the world, then it hits you just how lucky we are. Radical Islam is coming and we’ve got to do something. Then you’re out of your nonsense and into reality. And that is a pleasure and a blessing.

And this happens to be one of the six constant mitzvos. You have to walk with them. You have to walk like you’re walking on a tightrope over Niagara Falls. You’re going to get applause at the end. You’ve got to live this way. This is a positive commandment. Be thrilled with life, with your opportunities, and be aware at all times that you can make big mistakes – watch out.


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