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The fifth principal of God awareness is Yiras Hashem, which we typically translate as fear of God.

That’s a problem for us since we don’t like fear. No one likes to fear. We do things to avoid fear. People avoid public speaking, spiders and rollercoasters. Why? Because it's scary and we do anything to avoid fear.

The fifth principle is yirah. Does that mean that we have a constant obligation to be…scared? Are you kidding? Could we be obligated to be always scared of God? Doesn’t seem like much of a healthy relationship to me!

Let’s discuss Yirah in terms of relationships.

For a relationship to last a lifetime, it needs to maintain a level of mutual respect. Otherwise, the relationship is at risk as soon as the going gets a tough. If you’re married and you don’t respect your spouse or the institution of marriage, then if you get bored or it gets challenging, you are going to mentally or physically check out. If your spouse is only there to serve your needs, that lack of respect will be an impediment to a long lasting relationship. If you have a job but don’t respect your boss or work environment, then you are not going to work when it’s hard for you. You’re not going to last too long.

But it goes even further….. Not only is respect good for the relationship, its good for us. If you want to be healthy, you need to respect the way your body works. If someone puts fatty, oily food in front of you, it doesn’t matter how many times you ask your body to forgive you, it will make you fat. That’s the system, either respect it or face the consequences.

Why is this good for us? Because a structured system that deserves respect, gives us the opportunity for growth. Respect ensures that we don’t give up when it gets difficult and just beg for an exemption.

That’s what makes us great. Whether that’s in a relationship with your spouse, family or with yourself - if you’re in the right system, you win in the long run. And in truth, we would rather have a structured system for success than have no structure at all.

Yiras Hashem is not the fear we dread. It is a respect and awe for a system that we can grow within. That’s the key to greatness in life, when we realize how amazing God’s system is. It encompasses everything in the universe, every aspect of our lives.

Yiras Hashem teaches us that we have to keep going even if it’s not always easy. We have to stay committed during challenging moments. Why?

Because that’s where true greatness lies. Just like in a job or marriage, Yira reminds us the more respect Him, the greater we become. When we can internalize true awe and respect for Him and His system of success, we become fearless in the face of everything else.


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