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Video: "Fly First Class" R' Noach Weinberg zt'l on The Six Constant Mitzvos

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There is one commandment that is really the point of existence. Judaism taught the world monotheism. A Jewish atheist will tell you, “Do you really think that the Almighty needs you to keep kosher? Do you really think He cares whether you light a match on Shabbos?” You tell him, “Dummy, we taught the world that.” Before we came into the world they would sacrifice their firstborn to buy off their older gods. We taught the world that there’s nothing you can do for God. If that’s the case, then what are we here for?

The answer is that our Father in heaven, created a beautiful world to give us one thing: pleasure. Not your understanding of pleasure – that’s fifth class, physical material pleasure – He wants us to go first class. First class means the transcendental pleasure.

We have a commandment - that we repeat every morning and every night and we repeat in our mezuzos. We don’t keep our mezuzos to drive off evil spirits – it’s to remind you. You’re here for the ultimate transcendental first class pleasure and it’s to love the transcendent - to love God. That means to love Him with all your heart, with all your life, and with all your possessions. He’s all that we value. We’re all one soul.

There’s a lot more to life than most human beings are living. You feel it. Everyone says, “Well I don’t know where it is.” In the old days the flower kids would go around the world trying to find it. Now you just turn on the television and run away from it. You’re longing for the transcendental. There’s a moment when you see it, awe under the stars - it’s so beautiful. Or a piece of music – Wow! Or the trees and an ice storm - icicles. It’s so beautiful we call it “other worldly beauty.” It transcends our experience. A window opened up and you had a glimpse of your truly beloved Creator. It’s marvelous.


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