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Video: "Shema - Listen, Understand, Live With It" R' Noach Weinberg zt'l on The Six Constant Mitzvos

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The most powerful commandment that we have, and it’s a constant – is Shema Yisroel Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad – G-d is the Master of the world and He is One. Everybody knows that sentence, but did you know that it’s a commandment? “Shema" is listen, understand and live with it – the Almighty is one. He’s one. One! What do you mean one? There’s only one God. That means that there’s no other god. It also means that He’s unique, He is unfathomable. There’s nothing else in this world that’s compared to Him. It also means He’s everything. There’s only God.

It takes a lifetime of striving to live with this. So the beginning to understand this is to look at the concept of infinity? Everybody knows there’s infinity. We use it in math – ten infinities times twenty infinities is 200 infinities. You divide by infinity. We don’t have the faintest idea what infinity is. We also don’t have the faintest idea what nothing is. Nothing. We are creatures of time and space and finite. So when we talk about “nothing” you can’t even imagine it. Nothing is no space, no time…you can’t imagine it. Unfathomable. We don’t understand infinity - we just sense it.

This is our concept of who God is. The fact that there’s a God, He created the world, He maintains it, He supervises it, that’s fine. But who is He? We were called a nation of philosophers because our children knew – where’s God? He’s everywhere and nowhere. We taught the world monotheism. The Almighty, the All Knowing, the Merciful One, everybody knows Who you’re talking about. There’s one expression to describe Him – the Place, blessed be He - That expression is incomprehensible unless you are brought up Jewish. And that means He is the place of the universe. He does not exist in the universe – the universe exists in Him. He’s the place. Walk with that concept and you’re walking with the mitzvah of knowing He is one!


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