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Video: "I Can't" R' Noach Weinberg zt'l on The Six Constant Mitzvos

I Can't 

The second of the Ten Commandments is, “Don’t have any other gods” - no other gods. People think that God’s telling us not to make an idol and worship the idol. But you all know that there were times that kings were considered gods. In the Aztec and even the Roman societies the kings were godly. People thought they were gods. How could that be? Everyone knew that they were born, that they grew up!!! What do you mean they were a god? The answer is that they believed that the king had an independent power outside of our Creator. That means that you accept him as a god.

Judaism we say that if you think that it’s your intelligence, your wisdom, if you feel that you will run this world - you’re making yourself into a god. The Torah tells us not to say, "my strength and the strength of my arm". We recognize that the Almighty runs the world. You can’t even lift your hand without Him. Tell me, my friend, how do I lift my hand? You’ve got to get an electron from the left hemisphere that’ll cross to the right hemisphere…and how does it cross, where’s the junction? And then it goes down – how does it know the road? And it tells muscles – this muscle… You want the hand to go up, the Almighty does it for you. Believing that you’re doing it, is believing in another god.

That is pretty powerful. And it’s a constant. And it changes your life because if you really know this you’ll never say anymore, ‘I can’t learn another language…I can’t control my temper…I can’t do it…I can’t take it anymore!’ Because you’ll say, “Look – if the Almighty helps me I could do anything. And if He doesn’t help me I’m dead.” So no excuses! You know that something should be done about this world, about drugs etc. Don’t say “What can I do?” When you want to do something ask the Almighty for help and you’ll undertake it and He helps you. Never say “I can’t” It’s just a dodge. Undertake, the Almighty will help you, and you’ll do.



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