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Video: "Powerful Living" R' Noach Weinberg zt'l on The Six Constant Mitzvos

Powerful Living

When I was a kid there wasn’t a Jew or non Jew that didn’t know the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments was universal, everybody was aware of it. It’s a different world today. But the first, last and the most important commandment and a constant commandment is “Know Me.” The Almighty says, “Pay attention. Know that I exist. Live with Me.” And that is something that you can do every moment of your life, and you’re supposed to do it every moment of your life. We’re supposed to walk with God. Don’t wait until there’s a shriek, you go, “Aaaaaaah!” You’re asking God, “Please help me out of here…yeah?” You’re supposed to walk with him all the time. All the time. The Almighty’s paying attention to you, you pay attention to Him. So the commandment really is, ‘Know, I am the Lord, your G-d.’ 

So we’ve got to get the clear cut evidence that we know there’s a god. But before you can know it, you’ve got to first understand, G-d is Creator. The whole universe, Big Bang – from nothing. Nothing? From nothing! There wasn’t a little material – He made that material and then the Big Bang. What’s nothing? We don’t know nothing. Nobody understands nothing. But we know it’s the absence of everything. There’s nothing – no time, no space, no matter and no energy. Nothing. And the Almighty created all the universe out of nothing. 

He’s a Sustainer. Electrons don’t keep…I mean you know, we have molecules, electrons and atoms, they keep functioning and we think, ‘Well, it’s just going along.’ No. He keeps it moving. You know, it’s awesome. 

But more awesome than all of it is that He’s always communicating with us. He’s leading us. He’s the supervisor. He sees where you’re going. 

That is what you’re supposed to be conscious of. He’s conscious of you, otherwise you don’t gotta exist, you’ve got to be conscious of Him. Don’t wait until He gets your attention by throwing you off a roof and you say, “Almighty….!!!” You know? Walk with Him. You gotta walk with Him. And that's powerful living… 


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